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Budoar Viivi
Olala da Tart˛fla
In memoriam

My name is Kristina Holst, Kiia.
I have wanted to have dogs all my life.
I borrowed a german shepherd "Cheri" when I was a child and was not allowed to have a dog of my own.
I bought my first own dog when i was 17 years old. Sunny was a rough collie and was the greatest thing in my whole life. Sunny gave me 9 sunny years, before he got the melanoma in his ear. He got operated once, but the cancer had spread, so he went to the dog┤s heaven.
A little while, when Sunny still was healthy and strong, I had two male dogs, but a terrible fight of who was the boss, made me to give the new dog away to an other family. He had 14 great years at the Terrvik Manor here nere by.
I have been taking care of some, so called, problemdogs (german shepherds, rotweilers, dalmatians...), but I they all got new homes.
In 1997 I bought my own german shepherd "Cheri". She was the love of my life, but she had a very bad mental problem nobody could control, she did not even allowe my children to come near me... She is in the dog┤s heaven.
It took me over 4 years to have the guts to take a new dog in to our lives.
But in 2002 I saw a Lagotto Romagnolo. The first impression was not good at all. I thought it looked like a sheep...but the character of the lagotto swept the feets under me after a few hours.
Now my hunt after a lagotto started.
I managed to find a lagotto-girl we called Vilma ( read more about that from here Punatassun Nebulosa Ac) and now we have Viivi (read more about here here Budoar Viivi).
In November 2005 Olala da Tart˛fla came to us from Switzerland, but I still feel like having room for more lovely working lagottos...


My merites...
The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain
Sunday 5th October 2002
Attended a Breed Specific Seminar with Hands on Assesment Given by Col. Domenico Millillo
Breeding course 22-23.11 2003
The Kennelname application 4.12 2003
Kennelname Romagna valley┤s was granted to me 2.11 2004
The  proceeding Breeding course 16-17.10 2004
Breeding course for Lagotto Romagnolo-breeders  31.10 2004
The Course for Breeding Adviser in 2005
The proceding Course for Breeding Adviser in 2006 the beginning...

Happy Lagottos