Romagna valley┤s Lagotto Romagnolo


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Budoar Viivi
Olala da Tart˛fla
In memoriam

The breeding name is Romagna valley┤s!
...You can find us in Finland, in a small town called Porvoo...
...The breeding target of Romagna valley┤s ... keep the Lagotto as a working dog... keep the social temper of the Lagotto combined with health and beauty...
...Breeding in our home... "simply quality and not quantity"...
The good results of breeding is depending on cooperation among the breeders. The attitude and criticism towards faults and diseases is also a major factor in this case.
We have to be open to new aspects, because we are never complete breeders...
We have to be humble to mother-nature.
My breeding is in the very begining, but my interest in dogs has walked by my side through all my life. Even as a child a red all about dogs I could find, even so today.
My breeding is all about to have healthy and Lagotto-looking dogs to give joy to people, healthy minded, partners full of life, dogs you can work with... all those things I would hope fore in a dog for myself.
I see no point in breeding with a dog if there is anything wrong about him or her, that even can be inheriting to the puppies and go on and on. That dog is imediately taken out of breeding and continues living the life as a very beloved pet in our home, as the same familymember the dog used to be.
I won┤t ever sell a puppy to a person can┤t have any contact with in the future. It is important to me to be able to take part in all Romagna valley┤s puppies developing in to lovely Lagottos. I need to know if there is anything wrong, but sure I want to hear all the good stuff as well.
This is very important to my breeding in the future.
A Romagna valley┤s puppy has to be x-rayed for the hips and also I recuest that the eyes are being checked. This is very important for the future breeding of mine.
I give my full support in how to educate the puppy to become a good lagotto, I will do my best if any problems, in any way, developes. 
Everybody having a Romagna valley┤s Lagotto can be sure of having my full support. the beginning...

Happy Lagottos