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The Lagotto Romagnolo is quite a new breed in Finland, though in Italy, the native country,  there has been Lagottos at least since 13th century. Originally The Lagotto was used as a hunting duck-retriever dog, but as the time went by and the livingcircumstances changed, the lagotto was trained to search for truffle.
There is so little knowledge about the lagotto awailable, because the breed was kept in Italy and countries nereby for a very long time. The first Lagotto came to Finland in 1996. The breeders are telling, including the Italians, that The Lagotto is a healthy breed, but The Lagotto is just a dog with diseases like any other breed.
Thatīs why different surprises has "jumped up". I have personally experiensed one really heavy one. About that you can read more at the Cerebellar Abiptrophy-page. An other really bad thing was that Viivi managed to dig up a nest full of wasps, and got stung by atleast 10-20 wasps and got in to shock before we got to the veterinarian (it took us about 5-10 minutes). She was given liquids intravenous for one hour, and ofcourse adrenaline and cortisone, too. As soon as she got up on her 4 legs again, she rushed into new adventures. The third surprise was experienced in June 2004, when I put Exspot (permethrin) on Viiviīs neck, and she got a reaction. Her head started to shake occasionally and got itchy all over. I DONīT USE EXSPOT ANYMORE!
I have peronally experienced 2 really bad things with my own lagottos. Read moore about theese cases here In memoriam  and Lagotto Budoar Viivi .

There are a lots of rumors going around the íllnesses in Lagottos, and I can do nomore about it than trying to appeal to everybody`s sense of moral. We have to take these cases seariously and repport them to the Lagotto Club. Otherwise this is only going to get worse and worse...
Some of this diesases I have had on my own Lagottos, and the other diseases other Lagotto-owners have told me about.
This writening doesnīt mean that the Lagotto Romagnolo is a very sick breed, only that also here we have different diseases, as in every other breed, but things do not get any better if we all are quiet...

Cerebellar Abiotrophy

What is cerebellar abiotrophy?
An abiotrophy means that neurons that should last for life of the animal die prematurely - usually at a few weeks to months of age - due to some intrinisc abnormality in their cell bodies. The spesific intracellular abnormality is unknown and most circumstances the abnormality is due to a gene defect which is inherited. This diagnosis can only be confrimed by necropsy and it is important to be sure of your diagnosis before you incriminate the breeding.
These wise words are e-mailed to me by:
Alexander de Lahunta DVM,PhD
Department of Biomedical Scienses - College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853

HD (hip dysplasia)
This is a very touchy subject. There are different opinions concidering HD. My personal opinion backs up the theory about HD being inherited untill the science has proven otherwise. This is why I donīt use dogs with HD in breeding, in other words dogs with lover than score A or B. About C-hips that much...I could think about using a dog with C hips, but only if the other part is truly free from HD.

In Swedish Lagottos has been found Cataract, an eye-disease in different forms. The Swedish Lagotto Club has published this on their Club www-site, and I respect that a lot.

Other eye-diseases found in Lagotto
Distichiasis is the abnormal growth of an eyelash from the meibomian glands along the eyelid margin.
Itching skinn and diet-problems
Several Lagottos has had itching red skinn in different part of the body, and if the lagotto is light coloured the cout might turne darkbrown on those itching spotts, because of enzymes in the dogs salive.
Also "nerothical" licking of the paws, even if there seems to bee no reason for this behavior, has been seen.
I have seen myself a lagotto that bites all the hair off of itīs paws. Some other Lagottos are biting off the hair of their end of the tail.
Some Lagottos have bold spotts on theis body.
Some lagottos have food-allergies, one exaple is Celiachia. Unfortunately I didnīt manage to find links about celiachia in dogs, only in humans...
The symptoms can be like, no seasons for the bitch, bold spotts, aggressions, fatness, apaticness, too soft coat...
This condition can easilly be diagnosed by a bloodtest and is tretable with drugs (Levaxin).
This condition is most setainly inherited, and can "jump over" one generation. 

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Happy Lagottos