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Budoar Viivi
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Budoar Viivi
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There is no Lagotto like our Viivi...
Viivi is a true Ms Lagotto Romagnolo. This lovely curlycoated, Italian sniffer-dog, or accurately The Truffle Dog, has conquered except our whole family and friends, also the whole neighbourhood. Viivi can be kept free during our daily walks, as obeying as she is.
Viivi is an expert of guarding our refrigerator. Nobody can open the door without her standing by, so no teef is going to steel our cheese... An other thing Viivi is spesialized in, as well, is to guard the barbecue...nobody is steeling our steaks, exept maybe Viivi herself... The neighbour told me that they have lost some sausages themselves...and we foud some extra in the backyard, digged in the sand.
So...Lagotto is a "working-dog" in many aspects...
Viivi has a great temper. She is with us everywhere. When Viivi wants something, a snack or something, Viivi gets it by doing her own lagotto-dance on her backleggs. There has not been anybody, yet, that can resist a dance like that.
Viivi managed to dig up a nest full of wasps, and got stung by atleast 10-20 wasps and got in to shock before we got to the veterinarian (it took us about 5-10 minutes). She was given liquids intravenous for one hour, and ofcourse adrenaline and cortisone, too. As soon as she got up on her 4 legs again, she rushed into new adventures.
I do not breed with Viivi, because of her bad hips. She has got D-hips but does not suffer any pain from it.
Viivi shows symptoms of  PHTVL/PHTV degree 1, an inherited ilness. In this mild degree this condition does not shut Viivi out of breeding if the male should be PHTVL/PHTV-free.
More about PHTVL/PHPV from Terveys/Hälsa/Health site.
Viivi is a real personality. At our summer cabin she is a welcome guest at the local coffehouse. She gets her own icecream out of a plate made of wood, with her own name on it. She likes to visit this place a lot!
Viivi drinks coffe also... she likes coffe so much, that i have found her in the nearest coffehouse, sitting on a chair drinking somebody´s coffe! Very embarrassing!

Pictures of Viivi!! the beginning...

Happy Lagottos